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Embroidery Tips

I love to cross-stitch and embroider.  To start with a plain piece of fabric and let the design grow is the best.  

Always sort your threads first.

Sometimes if I am using a more complex design I shade off the squares I have completed using a pencil .  

Almost every wall in my house has a picture hanging that I have stitched.  I always date the design, when finished.  I used to put "'98 or '99" for the year, but now I put "2001 or 2002".  When I was stitching before the year 2000, I did not think of "99" could by 2099 or 1999 or however long the picture is still around.  My daughters have already told me which pictures they want, when I am ready to put another picture up in their place.

DCP_0001.JPG (80298 bytes) This is one of the embroidered Kleenex covers I made for Christmas presents.  All four sides were embroidered.  Some of the covers I put different pictures on each side.  (This embroidery pattern is from Monica Anderton).
DCP_0003.JPG (80045 bytes) I made a matching table cloth for my mother to go with her Kleenex box cover.
DCP_0011.JPG (75885 bytes)

Close up on one of the designs on the table cloth.  Monica's designs are beautiful.  I have more than a few of her designs.  

DCP_0012.JPG (81090 bytes)

This is one of my favorite of Monica's designs.  You can do this design in some many combination of colors.  The Kleenex box rose was more blues.

DCP_0007.JPG (79864 bytes) Here I machine embroidered my mom's favorite dogs onto a sweater I machine knitted for her.  I purchased the design over the internet and they emailed me the design in less than a day.  
DCP_0008.JPG (79344 bytes) Here is a close up of the embroidered dog.  I was very pleased on how it turned out.  I also put the same picture on tea towels for her.  
DCP_0013.JPG (76332 bytes) Toilet roll covers are so easy to make.  I made the cover to fit the largest of toilet rolls.  Again, my mom loves blue, so the flower is worked in blue.  I made lots for gifts with different themes for each person.  Some I even made reversible.   Plain on one side and design on the other. 
boatLesson1.jpg (16042 bytes) This is my first attempt at cross-stitch on the embroidery machine.  This is one of the lessons from Loes van der Heijden.  This is done on PE-design program.


XmasTreeDec2.jpg (48125 bytes) This is one of Monica Anderton's designs.  It is done on the large hoop and worked in two parts.  Then you put holes in for the light bulbs.  You can purchase the lights from any craft store, they run on batteries.
Embroidery_Ashley.jpg (20758 bytes)

This is a picture I digitized and machine embroidered.   Not bad for a first try.

Embroidery_name_tag.jpg (23670 bytes)

Make your own name tag for any meeting.  This was embroidered and glued onto cardboard.



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