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Memory Quilting

Quilting with a passion, next step, Memory Quilting!

YES!!  You can print pictures or family and friends right onto fabric on your home printer!!

The easiest is to purchase Inkjet Printable Fabric.  Paper-like print quality; use with any inkjet printer; quick and easy; machine washable; you can purchase in cotton or silks and different thread counts.  I have seen them in the craft section of Wal-Mart.

Pictures can be printed in black and white or colour, any effect you can print.

Using silk fabrics, I worked on a crazy quilt design.  I started with a cotton foundation fabric (did not matter what colour, it will be covered by the main fabric) the foundation fabric stabilizes the silks.  Printed the pictures on the purchased Printable Fabric.  You pull the paper backing off the printable fabric (I like to wait approximately a day before taking the backing off). 
  Once the quilted squares are finished, cut them into the size you want and put the quilt together.
This quilt was made of cotton fabric squares.  If the picture was smaller than the size square I needed, I sewed on a border fabric to adjust the size of this square.


  Close up a picture in the quilt.
  Grandmother memory quilt of all her grandchildren.  What a lovely gift.
Close-up of grandmother quilt.
  7" by 7" squares made this couples memory quilt a visit from dating to their wedding and to today.  It is hard to chose what pictures to use.  I average 20 pictures per quilt.
  I made a mistake of printing a picture twice, so I made a pillow to match the quilt.


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