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  These are the drapes I made for my grand daughter's room.  I embroidered a butterfly   to put on one of the tie backs.

These pillow are appliquéd to match the drapes for her. 

  Each part was ironed onto heat-and-bond, then ironed onto the front of the pillow.       Embellished with little rosettes.  All parts were appliquéd onto the pillow. 

Ashleys_xmas_jacket_back.jpg (11423 bytes)  I took a regular sweat shirt and cut the neck and cuffs off.     A zipper was sewn down the front and I used 100% cotton to chenille the collar and cuffs. Ashleys_xmas_jacket_front.jpg (13526 bytes) This was my first chenille sweat shirt attempt. I cut out the fabric for the bear on the back.  Satin stitch around the design on the back.


  I wanted to length a pair of my granddaughter's jeans.  She is growing taller not bigger around.  A lady at the Brother Embroidery Club in Guelph brought in a pair of jeans she did this technique to.  I thought it would be great to lengthen pant for growing children.  You recycle old jeans at the same time.  I embroidered on the jeans as I cut the pieces.  After washing the jeans, they fray. 








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