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By LesLey Ryde

Bond Mitts


Using Astra yarn (Sports yarn)

Keyplate #2

 Make 2 mitts alike.

Pull forward  31 needles.

Using the elastic and weight bar as normal.

Push back every 3rd needle to out of work position.

e-warp cast on all needles in work.

Knit 14 rows. 

Pick up the loop from the missing needle, using the latch tool.

       Twist the yarn and latch up the 14 rows and hook onto the empty needle.

        Do this until you have 31 needles with a stitch on them.

Knit 4 rows

 Mark for Thumb, Mark outside end stitches with scrap yarn.

Knit 18 rows. (lengthen here).

Top of mitt

Transfer every other stitch to next stitch.  Put empty needles out of work.

Knit 2 rows

Thread yarn through these stitches and take off of machine.

Pull yarn tight to join top of mitt.




Pull out 10 needles, with wrong side facing you pick up the marked thumb stitch and put it on needle #6.  Then working on same side, pick up 2 end loops on to remaining 4 needles.     Now working on other marked stitch.  Put the marked stitch on needle #5 and work back to needle #1.

Keep the middle 2 needles in work position and the outside needles pull out to hold position.   Row Counter to 000, and carriage on right side of machine.  Using main yarn knit the middle 2 stitches 1 row.  Push needle #7 back to work position and knit to right.  Work in this manner until all needles are in work.

Knit another 5 rows for thumb, then, transfer every other stitch to the next needle.

Put the empty needles out of work and knit 1 row.

Finish as top of mitt.


Sew seams and work second mitt the same.

By LesLey Ryde   April 2002


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